Hello world!

Hello world!

Hey! I’m Khorshed Alam. Welcome to my personal and professional blog and thanks for being a visitor of the first post of my Blog. 🙂

I am a Computer Science and Engineering Student and Web Application Developer specialized in PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, and WordPress. You can find more details about Who am I on my About page.

It’s about more than two years that bought this domain khorshedalam.com (my full name) but was too lazy to design/develop the site and start writing. But better late than never, so I would like to start the journey at the very beginning of the new year 2017.

So, I am here to start my journey of Blogging and I am pretty excited about it. Here, I will mostly write technical content about Web Development, PHP, JavaScript and other related technologies. I love to learn new tools and technologies and will try to share what I learn. Apart from the technical content, I may also share other thoughts, workflow, stories.

This blog would be powered by WordPress which is an excellent Content Management System with a large community and I’m also working with WordPress Development for over 2 years.

I am neither good at writing/blogging nor have any past experience. So, any suggestion or advice will be highly appreciated. Thanks everyone and thanks again for being the part of my journey.

Happy New Year 2017! Have a joyous New Year!

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