JavaScript Hoisting Explained

Did you ever wondered why you were able to invoke functions before the declaration of the function in your code? That's the magic of JavaScript Hoisting. We know that JavaScript is a interpreted language and the codes get executed from top to bottom, line-by-line in order. Well, that's true for most cases except variables and function declarations statements. JavaScript interpreter pre-processes all variables and function declarations statements and hoist (move up) them to top their respective scope and then the…

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Hello world!

Hey! I'm Khorshed Alam. Welcome to my personal and professional blog and thanks for being a visitor of the first post of my Blog. :) I am a Computer Science and Engineering Student and Web Application Developer specialized in PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, and WordPress. You can find more details about Who am I on my About page. It's about more than two years that bought this domain (my full name) but was too lazy to design/develop the site and…

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